Guide to Playing Blackjack Casino Online

Guide to Playing Blackjack Casino Online

Blackjack is one of the playing card games as an intermediary and is also known as a game that uses skill and tactics to win it. In the world of online casino gambling, blackjack is also one of the most popular.

All that because in the blackjack card game luck alone cannot get maximum results because tactics can also determine the maximum win.

Even some gamblers who are reliable in playing blackjack managed to reap huge profits with only a small capital. In order to win a blackjack card, use all the opportunities available.

To be able to play blackjack it’s a good idea to learn every card and term in this game. Here are some terms in the game of blackjack in order to be able to play solaire99 cards online using this card intermediary.

Important Terms In The Game Of Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game where you have to collect cards with the highest number value of 21. From the start there are several names for bust, pure, blackjack, or other special cards. In this game also has a name to do as desired.


The word blackjack card is a card that only gets 2 cards but has a nominal value of 21. The combination of these cards is an ace card and a card with a value of 10 such as jack, queen, and king.


The word Bust is usually used to refer to a card that has a value of 21.

Double Down

The term Double Down is the addition of bets or placing multiples of bets and standing.


Mention or term to request additional cards to the city

Hole Card

Is the name of the card owned by the closed city


The term Insurance is a term to guarantee where the dealer’s card that opens the US card and has the dealer has a blackjack card.


The term push is the designation of the player card value which is the same as the dealer’s value


Split is a card designation with the same value but can be split into 2 sides. With the same bet value as the new card.


Stand can be interpreted as holding or not adding more cards or being quite satisfied with the 2 cards that have been dealt.


As the name suggests Surrender is a card term for surrender.

Blackjack Strategy And Rules

First, understand the basic provisions in playing blackjack by following the basic rules for playing blackjack that have been written above before starting to play Solaire99 directly on online betting sites.

Understand the value of each card that has been listed or written above. cards dubbed containing royal members such as king, queen, jack and 10 have the same nominal and there are special US cards that can be used as numbers 1 and 2 and there are ordinary cards such as 2 to 9.

Tips for playing Blackjack

If the Dealer has opened the card from the beginning and issued a royal or Ace card, so, do not continue the game. If the card you have is only worth 15 or less, it would be better for you to lose.

Try to keep playing if your cards are worth above 17 because you might win big enough. If your card is worth 11 down, try doing a “double down”.

Try not to make a “hit” when your card is worth 12. Because if you always hit you will get maybe 30% to lose, especially if the hit card from the Dealer shows a value of 4-6.


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