Understanding the Chinese Poker Scoring System

Understanding the Chinese Poker Scoring System

As seen in the final step for every hand of the Chinese poker gameplay, points are allocated /deducted to each player depending on how many winning and losing hands they have (against every other player) for each of the three hands. The points are accumulated for every round, and the settlement is done at the end.

Understanding the Chinese Poker Scoring System

For every hand of yours, you get a point allocated if it beats the corresponding hand of one player, and you lose a point if it loses to the corresponding hand of a player. For better understanding, let us consider an example where your top hand is better than top hand of two other players (giving you 2 points), but is less than top hand of the last player (taking away 1 point).

The same calculation is done for the middle hand and for the bottom hand. Other than these points, you can also win some bonus points and royalties, the system for which can be decided before the start of the game. If you happen to beat all the other players in each of the three hands, you are said to have done a ‘scoop’.

Popular Chinese Poker Game Variants

Open Face Chinese Poker (Ofc Poker)

This ofc game is a popular variant of Chinese daftar poker 99. Most things like the forming of three hands, order/sequence of play from the immediate left of the dealer, rules related to foul, etc. remain the same. Here, the big difference is right at the start. Every player is dealt with five cards instead of 13 cards at once. They can place these five cards on the table in their preferred row with the objective being the same as that for Chinese poker.


Once they place these five cards, they will draw/pick up one card (at a time) from the deck and keep it face-up on the table in their bid to form their three different hands (top, middle and bottom). This process will be followed to ensure every player has drawn a total of 13 cards and placed them face-up on the table to form their three hands. Of course, you have to follow the same rule of having the best possible bottom hand, with the middle hand being next best and the top hand being the worst. But, it is much more difficult to do it in open face Chinese poker as compared to traditional poker. This is because you do not have all the 13 cards at the start to decide these hands in a better way. Clearly, your chances of doing a fault or mis-set increase significantly with open face Chinese poker.

Conditions for Foul and Surrender

When a do a foul in this ofc game, you have to give 6 units to each of the players who don’t foul. And if you surrender a hand, you have to give 2 units to each of the players who don’t surrender. These terms can be agreed before the game begins.

Fantasy Land – the Additional Component

There is an additional excitement with the open face Chinese poker because of the opportunity to enter ‘Fantasy Land’. So, what does this mean? Well, if you happen to form a pair of Qs (Queens) or higher without committing any foul with your top hand, then, you are considered to have entered ‘Fantasy Land’. Once you manage to enter this, you get a big edge over all other opponents in the next hand of open face Chinese poker. This benefit is that you will be dealt all the 13 cards at once initially in your next hand.

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Not only will you get to see all your 13 cards initially and decide your best hand combinations, but you will also be able to keep them hidden from all other players till they manage to finish their hand arrangement on the poker table.

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